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We work on delivering promises that hit! The hit is just another push towards growth and wealth. The pitch is about reaching out to more consumers, meeting competition and getting results out of the investment. We have designed our platform as such that the right audience meets the right market and the right brand meets the right target market.

The Present Scenario:

  • Gujarat offers holistic medicinal services and cost effective treatment through various district hospitals, sub district hospitals and private specialty hospitals.
  • Most sought after super – specialties in the State include cardiology, neuro – surgery, orthopedics, infertility treatment, joint replacement and eye surgeries.
  • Share of primary care in the total healthcare market of Gujarat is around 75-80%. Secondary and tertiary care account for 17% and 4% respectively of the total healthcare market.
  • Market for tertiary care expected to grow at a faster rate, due to rise in income levels, increasing adoption of health insurance and rise in complex in-patient ailments (heart diseases, kidney ailments, ancer).
  • The healthcare landscape in Gujarat is changing rapidly.
  • The available medical infrastructure and easily accessible healthcare facilities have improved the health of the population of the State remarkably over the years.
  • The State Government is taking several initiatives to make Gujarat a Global healthcare destination.
  • Gujarat is evolving in terms of number of hospitals, healthcare centers, beds and are expected to continue a positive trend in future. Doctor to patient ratio is 1:10 and nurse to patient ratio is 1:5
  • By the use of latest technical equipment, efficient health insurance, major corporate investments and the services of highly skilled medical personnel, the Gujarat healthcare sector has set itself on a boom.
  • Healthcare sector in the State has potential to grow at a much faster rate in the foreseeable future and shall be numero uno in providing healthcare facilities.

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